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Women, Gender and Public Policy Minor

Minor Description:

The minor will offer undergraduate students a unique opportunity to study public policy impacting women and to situate feminist perspectives for creating and implementing public policies aimed at improving their lives. A core aspect of the minor will be to illustrate to students that the gender category of “women” is intersectional with race-ethnicity, class, sexuality, dis/ability, and geographic location. Ohio State is able to offer this minor by merging existing resources of the John Glenn College of Public Affairs with curriculum in WGSS that focuses on policy, governance, women’s diverse identities, social justice initiatives, and social movements. This minor grows out of previous collaborations of WGSS and the John Glenn College such as the New Leadership Program and the current use by the Glenn College and its students of the WGSS minor as a specialization area.

4 courses, 12 credit hours
  • 1 Required pre-requisite course
    • WGSST 1110: Gender, Sex & Power (3 credit hours)
  • 1 Required Foundational Course (3 credit hours)
    • PUBAFRS 2110: Introduction to Public Affairs OR
    • WGSST 2550: History of Feminist Thought
  • 3 Electives (9 credit hours)
    • Select at least one of the following:
      • WGSST 2325: Health and Inequality
      • WGSST 2350: Feminist Perspectives on Women and Violence
      • WGSST 3200: Breaking the Law - An Introduction to Gender Justice
      • WGSST 3300.01S: Feminist Perspectives of Incarceration in the US
      • WGSST 3302: Gender, War and Peacebuilding
      • WGSST 3370: Sexualities and Citizenship
      • WGSST 4189.01S: Reproductive Rights and Justice (service learning)
      • WGSST 4402: Black Women - Representations, Politics and Power
      • WGSST 4404: Regulating Bodies - Global Sexual Economies
      • WGSST 4524: Women and Work
      • WGSST 4525: Feminist Critiques of Markets - Profiting from Inequality
      • WGSST/AFAMAST/COMPSTD 4921: Intersections - Approaches to Race, Gender, Class, and Sexuality
      • PUBAFRS/AFAMAST/COMPSTD 5240: Race and Public Policy in the United States
      • PUBAFRS 5250: Poverty, Inequality, and Public Policy (ECON 2001)
      • WGSST/SLAVIC 5450: Global Human Trafficking - Realities and Representations
    • Additional Electives
      • PUBAFRS 2120: Public Service and Civic Engagement
      • PUBAFRS 2130: Leadership in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors
      • PUBAFRS 2150: Introduction to Nonprofit Organizations
      • WGSST 2326(S): Feminist Perspectives on Addiction (regular or service learning)
      • WGSST 2550 History of Feminist Thought*
      • PUBAFRS 3000: Public Policy Analysis
      • PUBAFRS 3140: Nonprofit Management and Governance
      • WGSST 3385: Women in Political Leadership Internship
      • PUBAFRS 3500: Public Management
      • PUBAFRS 4010: Public Affairs Decision-Making
      • PUBAFRS 4020: Contemporary Issues in Governance - Washington D.C.
      • POLITSC 4138: Women and the Law+
      • PUBAFRS 4191: Public Affairs Internship OR WGSST 3191 Internship 
      • PUBAFRS 5591: Lobbying and Government Relations