Past Award Winners

Robin Wiehm Award

Lydia Garcia Berrelleza, 2021 Undergraduate Award Winner, "Undocumented (Non)Persons- The Age of (In)Formal Recognition"

Marina Siegel, 2020 Undergraduate Award Winner, "People v. Turner (2015)"

Nicole Edgerton, 2019 Undergraduate Award Winner, "History of American Sex Education: Agendas Through the Decades, and Feminist Thought and Intervention"

Nichole Meredith, 2019 Undergraduate Award Winner, "Shadows"

Meghan M. Smith, 2019 Undergraduate Award Winner, "Prevalence of Eating Disorders in Middle School and High School Age Groups Due to Social Media Use"

Freweyni Gemerew, 2018 Undergraduate Award Winner, "From Nina Simone to Solange: Black Women Lyricism"

Natalie Dalea, 2017 Undergraduate Award Winner, "By Its Very Definition"

Dallas Ward, 2016 Undergraduate Award Winner, “Precarious Subject Positions: Public Criminalization of the Homeless in a Neoliberal United States”

Victoria Allen, 2015 Undergraduate Award Winner, “The Women Beaten Behind: Unintended Consequences of Domestic Violence Reporting”

Debra Beight, 2014 Undergraduate Award Winner

Brittany Doyle, 2013 Undergraduate Award Winner

Common Differences Award

Safia Hersi, 2021 Undergraduate Award Winner, (Untitled)
Menghang Wu, 2021 Graduate Award Winner, "Imagined Revolution: Sexism in the Chinese Nationalist Narrative Song of the Fisherman"

Michael Martin, 2020 Undergraduate Award Winner, "Has Anyone Told Your Story?"
Malia Womack, 2020 Graduate Award Winner, "An Intersectional Approach to Interrogating Rights: How the United States Does Not Comply with the Racial Equality Treaty"

Imani Harris, 2019 Undergraduate Winner, "Rewriting the Archives: Black Queer Women in Art"
Malia Womack, 2019 Graduate Award Winner, "A Colonial Mission: Deviant Sex, Regulating Families, and Controlling Women's Bodies"
Sujatha Subramanian, 2018 Graduate Award Winner, “Schooling and Transnational Development Discourses: Girls from India”
Sabs Jamal-Eddine, 2017 Undergraduate Award Winner, "Labels Limit the Infinite"
Sujatha Subramanian, 2017 Graduate Award Winner, "Inauthentic Mothers, Inauthentic Grief: Situating a Mothers' Movement within the Hindu Nation"
Deepti Hossai, 2016 Undergraduate Award Winner, “The Silence of Domestic Violence:  Theorizing how intersecting identities cause silence”
Hannah Tuschman, 2016 Undergraduate Award Winner, “Native American Artists’ Resistance to Land Use, Capitalism, and Art Criticism”
Cara Caudill,  2015 Undergraduate Award Winner, “Kaleidoscope: Queen of the Ring, a Space of Resistance for Queer Wimmin of Color in Hip-Hop”
Dominique Gale-McClean, 2015 Undergraduate Award Winner, “Black Women and Reproductive Justice”

Kyla Nardecchia, 2014 Undergraduate Award Winner
Krista Benson, 2014 Graduate Award Winner

Lindsey Jeffers, 2013 Undergraduate Award Winner
Yu Chen Tai, 2013 Graduate Award Winner

Joellen Thomas Award

Erin Broderick, 2021 Undergraduate Award Winner, "Mapping Access: Space Through Remembering"
Kayley DeLong, 2021 Graduate Award Winner, "Madness and Empire: Colonial Insane Asylums of the Early Victorian Period"

Kayley DeLong, 2020 Graduate Award Winner, "The Venom of a Split-Tongued Subject: Medusa As Radical Anti-Ableist Iconography"

Alexis Tackett, 2018 Undergraduate Award Winner, “Gynecology: How Have Women’s Voices Been Minimized Throughout the History of the Practice, and How Have Women Contributed as Research Subjects?”

Lauren Strand, 2017 Graduate Award Winner, "Charting Relations between Intersectionality Theory and the Neurodiversity Paradigm"

Debra Beight, 2015 Undergraduate Award Winner, “The Case of M.C. – An Argument for Legal, Medical, and Social Recognition of Ambiguity”

Marissa McGrath, 2014 Undergraduate Award Winner
Lauren Strand, 2014 Graduate Award Winner

Erin Ryan, 2013 Undergraduate Award

Virginia Reynolds Book Award

Sabrina Jamal-Eddine, 2019 Undergraduate Award
Kayla Higginbotham, 2016 Undergraduate Award
Marisa McGrath, 2015 Undergraduate Award
Maria Merrill, 2014 Undergraduate Award
Marisa Garverick-Herrara, 2013 Undergraduate Award

Mildred Munday Award

Jayasree Sunkireddy, 2021 Undergraduate Award Winner

Victoria Schaefer, 2020 Undergraduate Award Winner

Sabs Jamal-Eddine, 2018 Undergraduate Award Winner
Allison Susor, 2017 Undergraduate Award Winner
Logan Sherman, 2016 Undergraduate Award Winner
Dominique Gale-McCLean, 2015 Undergraduate Award Winner
Lainie Rini, 2015 Undergraduate Award Winner

Christen Boyles, 2014 Undergraduate Award
Debra Beight, 2014 Undergraduate Award