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Undergraduate Travel Grants

The Department of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies is pleased to announce travel awards for current women's, gender and sexuality studies undergraduate majors.

You may apply for up to $300. Students who have not received travel funds will be given priority. 

These awards are intended to foster undergraduate student professional development and research support through participation in conferences, colloquia, and workshops hosted outside of The Ohio State University as well as supporting research for a thesis. Students presenting at a conference or symposium will be given priority. Applications will require a statement on how these proposed travel plans (research or conference) will specifically benefit the student’s academic and professional development, and for those presenting at a conference, proof of acceptance or submission materials if the acceptance is pending. 

Due to a limited number of funds and the competitive nature of these grants, students are encouraged to seek funding from outside of the department, including sources such as the Arts and Sciences Small Grants or conference assistance. 

Application Deadlines

Please note that you must be a current WGSS Major to be eligible for these awards. 
Step 1. Domestic travel grants must be submitted at least six weeks prior to the conference date to allow for committee review. However, it is recommended students submit as early as possible, in late spring and early fall for travel in autumn semester and in late fall or early spring for travel in spring and summer semester. The Research and Development Committee reviews applications and makes the award and, normally, reviews applications at regularly scheduled monthly meetings during the academic year (September through mid April). 
Step 2. Disbursement of Funds. Please note that Federal regulations require that all scholarships and financial resources, excluding compensation, received by a student be included as part of their financial aid package and as such they may be subject to taxation. In order to comply with federal regulations and university procedures and to simplify the process for everyone, we will process these through the Office of Student Financial Aid. The award will appear on your Statement of Account and issued as a refund. 
Direct Deposit. Please note that you must set up your direct deposit in order to receive any financial aid refunds electronically, otherwise a paper check will be mailed. This can be setup through SIS/BuckeyeLink and it is different than your payroll direct deposit

Step 3. Following the conference/travel: All awarded students will be required to submit a brief (1-page) summary including proof of attendance so that we may use this information to recognize donors. 


For more information about the travel grant process, please contact Professor Guisela Latorre, R&D Committee Chair.