WGSS Committees


Committee Assignments 2019-2020

Advisory Committee

Shannon Winnubst
Treva Lindsey (GS)
Mary Thomas (UGS)
Juno Parreñas (junior faculty rep.) 

Graduate Studies 

Treva Lindsey (Chair, year 1)
Jennifer Suchland (year 1)*
Jian Chen (year 1)
Affiliated Faculty: Amna Akbar
Grad: Mary Byrne

Undergraduate Studies

Mary Thomas (Chair, year 1)
Juno Parreñas (year 1)
Linda Mizejewski (year 2)*
Affiliated Faculty: Jolie Braun
Grad: Anne Van
Undergrad: Claire Butler
Undergrad: Mia Cariello

Promotion and Tenure

Cindy Burack (Chair, year 2)
Wendy Smooth (year 2)*

Research and Development / Speakers and Events

Guisela Latorre (Chair, year 1)
Linda Mizejewski (year 1)*
Jessica Delgado (year 1)
Affiliated Faculty: Esther Gottlieb
Grad: Marie Lerma

TA Supervisor

Guisela Latorre


(*) - Members indicated with an asterisk should pay careful vigilance to the dynamics of anti-racism, which is a pro-active stance, as the work of the committee unfolds. Brief reports from these ARC individuals will be requested in December and May.

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