Class Cancellations

GRADUATE TEACHING ASSOCIATES: You must contact the front desk, (614) 292-1021 or, and email the TA supervisor Dr. Guisela Latorre,

In the event that you need to cancel your class and you know ahead of time, try to find a substitute instructor or schedule an assignment for work outside the classroom. For unexpected absences, contact the WGSS front desk at (614) 292-1021 as soon as possible with the reason for the cancellation. If necessary, we can post the cancellation notice on the door. Be sure to communicate this as soon as possible with your students. The office staff cannot provide proctoring assistance or instructional services.

If you know you need to cancel class ahead of time, here are a few options for alternative presentations to keep your students engaged while you are away:

  • Feminist Sex Ed: An initiative homegrown by WGSS Graduate Students, these presentations can be offered in 55 or 80-minute sessions and presented by our graduate students. Presentations can be requested through our WGSS Sex Ed Presentations page.
  • Record Lectures with the ASCTech Media Studio: Faculty members who will be out of town during a class are encouraged to record their lecture ahead of time with the ASCTech Studio. The staff at ASCTech Studio can help you record and produce course videos for your students in your absence. Contact ASCTech to learn about this process.
  • Arts and Sciences Career Success: Contact the Arts and Sciences Center for Career and Professional Success to request a presentation related to career success for your students. To do so, please complete and submit the request form on their website at least two weeks prior to the scheduled class date.
  • Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing Workshops: The center works with instructors to arrange/coordinate workshops, training sessions, or targeted writing sessions for their classes. They also offer brief WC services pitches for departmental meetings, club meetings, and other non-class events, by request. Email to coordinate a session for your class.