Dissertations and Theses

If you're interested in learning more about recent and past Women's Studies/Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies graduate students' dissertation and thesis research, please click the following links to view more information on OhioLink Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Center


Dissertation and Thesis List


Morrison, Shannon (MA) Navigating Secret Societies: Black Women in the Commercial Airline Industry

Tobin, Erin Campy Feminisms: The Feminist Camp Gaze in Independent Film


Branfman, Jonathan Millennial Jewish Stars: Masculinity, Racial Ambiguity, and Public Allure

Lee, Juwon (MA) The Globality of the Seoul Queer Culture Festival: Subverting the Neocolonial Queer Narrative

Strand, Lauren Toward the Transformative Inclusion of Students with Nonvisible Disabilities in STEM: An Intersectional Exploration of Stigma Management and Self-Advocacy Enactments



Austin, Sierra Black Girl Genius: Theorizing Girlhood, Identity and Knowledge Production

Cumpstone, Tess (MA) Acts of Public Survival: The Role of Artivism in Exposing the Sexist-Ableist Nexus in Campus Rape Culture

Demiri, Lirika (MA) Stories of Everyday Resistance, Counter-memory, and Regional Solidarity: Oral Histories of Women Activists in Kosova

Rodriguez-Arguelles Riva, Sara Thickening Borders: Deterrence, Punishment, and Confinement of Refugees at the U.S. Border

Serpico, Jaclyn (MA) Age, Race, Parity, and Access to Same-Day IUD Insertion at Obstetrician-Gynecology Practices in Ohio: A Mystery Client Study



Benson, Krista Generations of Removal: Child Removal of Native Children in Eastern Washinton State Through Compulsory Education, Foster Care, Adoption, and Juvenile Justice

Fuller, Denise A. Creating Resistance on the Border: Coalitions and Counternarratives to S.B. 1070

Isoke, Saidah (MA) “Thank God for Hip-hop”: Black Female Masculinity in Hip-hop Culture

Gabbard, Sonnet D. Old Ties and New Binds: LGBT Rights, Homonationalisms, Europeanization and Post-War Legacies in Serbia

Sengupta, Anindita The Desired Baby: Assisted Reproductive Technology, Secrecy, and a Cultural Account of Family Building in India



DasGupta, Debanuj Racial Regulations and Queer Claims to Livable Lives

Livingston, Katherine G. Adoptee Access to Original Birth Certificates and the Politics of Birthmotherhood in Ohio, 1963-2014

Swenson, Haley S. Reproducing Inequality: Cooking, Cleaning, and Caring in the Austerity Age

Tai, Yu-Chen (W)holistic Feminism: Decolonial Healing in Women of Color Literature 

Tu, Angela Wen-Chun (MA) The Construction of Legal Credibility for Rape Survivors Who Are International Students


Husain, Taneem Empty Diversity in Muslim America: Religion, Race, and the Politics of U.S. Inclusion

Dean, MacRorie (MA) Affective Intervention: Beyond Campus Rape Prevention

Nieto, Nicole Recipes of Recovery and Rebuilding: The Role of Cookbooks in Post-Katrina New Orleans



Chitnis, Varsha Sanjeev Women’s Lives, Women’s Stories: Examining Caste Through Life History Interviews in Baroda

Day, Allyson L. The Ability Contract The Ideological, Affective, and Material Negotiations of Women Living with HIV

Kaedbey, Dima Building Theory Across Struggles: Queer Feminist Thought from Lebanon

Rossie, Amanda New Media, New Maternities: Representations of Maternal Femininity in Postfeminist Popular Culture



McKee, Kimberly Devon The Transnational Adoption Industrial Complex: An Analysis of Nation, Citizenship, and the Korean Diaspora

Roy, Raili ”Jagoron: Awakening” to Gender in Non Governmental Organizations in Contemporary Bengal



Genetin, Victoria A. Shifting Toward A Spiritualized Feminist Pedagogy: Gloria E. Anzaldúa And Thich Nhat Hanh in Dialogue

Mkhize, Gabisile Promise African Women: An Examination of Collective Organizing Among Grassroots Women in Post Apartheid South Africa

Popielinski, Lea Marie Noncorporeal Embodiment and Gendered Virtual Identity



Brown, Adriane J. Distinctly Digital: Subjectivity and Recognition in Teenage Girls' Online Self-Presentations (2011)

Kock, Stacia L. Towards Inclusion: Expanding And Challenging Citizenship Through Intersectional Antipoverty Activism (2011)

Linder, Kathryn E. Narratives of Violence, Myths of Youth: American Youth Identity in Fictional Narratives of School Shootings (2011)