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2017 - 2018 Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Donors

We'd like to extend a warm thank you to our recent donors who help to continue our feminist scholarship.

Mary Anderson, Karen Balmer, Jennifer Beard, Erin Beck, Cynthia Burack, Jill Bystydzienski, Frank Campanile, Victoria Cannon, Megan Chew, Sara Childers, Rene Delane, Mary Kay DiLiddo, Simone Drake, Maggie Eakins, Lynaya Elliott, Kristin Esche, Mary Fonow, Tracey Fox, Marie Gibbons, Nancy Golden, Dana Greenblatt, Rebecca Haidt, Susan Hartmann, Rishona Headen-Brown, Dong Isbister, Lynn Itagaki, Yarshar Kermue, Laura Larson, Guisela LaTorre, Kathleen Lechman, Yue Li, Tobias Linne, Michelle Lundquist, Sandra MacPherson, Patricia Markunas, Jill Masie, Dominique McClean, Linda Mizejewski, Karen Mock, Kathleen Nichols, Nicole Nieto, Barbara O'Donnel, M. Patton, Michael Polk, Monifa Porter, Cathy Rakowski, Erin Rankin, Elaine Richardson, Anita Rios, Margaret Schrappe, Richard Schrock, Amy Shuman, Jane Smith, Kerry Smith, Christine Smithies, Wendy Smooth, Jennifer Suchland, Mary Thomas, Donna Troka, Elizabeth Tuppen, Michelle Vodenik, Brooke Walters, Robyn Warhol, Sara Waugh, Shannon Winnubst, Athena Yiamouyiannis, Lauren Zacks, Elizabeth Zay, Benevity, Deere & Co, Four Winds Community, The Smith Family Revocable Trust