Graduate Courses

Understanding WGSS Elective Courses

WGSS electives are generally listed as “WGSST 8800.0X – Topics in Feminist Studies” (see below) with a subtitle describing the course for that semester. For example, when registering for courses in Buckeyelink a student might see a course listed for Autumn semester as “WGSST 8800.01 – Topics in Feminist Studies.” To learn more about the course, the student can navigate into the offering and view the “Topic” and “Notes” sections to read the full course title and course description. The department website will also articulate the seminar topics in detail the semester prior to the offering. Each offering of WGSST 8800.0X is repeatable up to 15 credit hours.

Additional WGSS Graduate Course Information

Detailed information on the WGSS graduate courses can be found below and from the main menu:

For questions about the graduate curriculum, please contact the WGSS Outreach & Curricula Senior Specialist.