Graduate Courses Relating to WGSS


African American and African Studies (AFAMAST)

  • AFAMAST 7087 Black Women in the United States
  • AFAMAST 8830 Black Women’s (Auto) Biographies: Voices of Resistance
  • AFAMAST 8840 Seminar in Black Masculinity Studies
  • AFAMAST 8865 Race, Gender and Class in the Diaspora

Anthropology (ANTHROP)

  • ANTHROP 5602 Advanced Medical Anthropology: Women’s Health in Global Perspective
  • ANTHROP 5621 Special Topics in Cultural Anthropology: The Anthropology of Women

Art Education (ARTEDUC)

  • ARTEDUC 5835 Visual Representations of LGBT Subjects
  • ARTEDUC 7842 Semiotics and Feminist Aesthetics

Comparative Studies (COMPSTD)

  • COMPSTD 8843 Seminar in Technology and Gender
  • COMPSTD 8872 Seminar in Religious Studies

East Asian Languages and Literatures (EALL)

  • EALL 5475 Women Writers, Culture, Society in East Asia

Education: Teaching and Learning (EDUTL)

  • EDUTL7000 Sexuality and Education
  • EDUTL7467 Reading Gender
  • EDUTL 8005 Black Feminist Theories in Teaching and Learning

Educational Studies: Cultural Foundations (ESCFE)

  • ESCFE 7394 Women, Leadership and Empowerment
  • ESCFE 8251 Theories of Gender in Education
  • ESCFE 8252 A History of the Education of Women

Educational Studies: Education Technology (ESETEC)

  • ESETEC 8253 Women, Technology and Education

Educational Studies: Higher Education and Student Affairs (ESHESA)

  • ESHESA 7550 Women in Higher Education

History (HISTORY)

  • HISTORY 5600 Special Topics in Women’s/Gender History
  • HISTORY 7087 Black Women in the United States
  • HISTORY 7600Studies in the History of Women and Gender
  • HISTORY 7620 Introduction to the Field of Women’s and Gender History
  • HISTORY 7630 Studies in the History of Sexuality
  • HISTORY 8600 Seminar in Women’s/Gender History
  • HISTORY 8630 Seminar in the History of Sexuality

Human Development and Family Science (HDFS)

  • HDFS 5440 Human Sexuality in Context

Italian (ITALIAN)

  • ITALIAN 8242 Studies in Italian Culture: Gender and Genre

Kinesiology (KINESIO)

  • KINESIO 6100 Race, Gender and Culture in Sports

Kinesiology: Sport Industry and Sport Management (KNSISM)

  • KNSISM 5614 Sport and Sexuality
  • KNSISM 7744 Sexuality and Education

Law (Law)

  • Law 7610 Sexual Orientation and the Law
  • Law 7611 Gender and the Law
  • Law 8896.12 Seminar: Sexual Violence and the Law
  • Law 8896.22 Seminar: Sexual Harassment

Political Science (POLITSC)

  • POLITSC 7170 Gender and Politics

Rural Sociology (RURLSOC)

  • RURLSOC 5570 Women in Rural Society

Russian (RUSSIAN)

  • RUSSIAN 7356 Gender, Feminism, and Russian Women’s Culture

Slavic Languages and Literatures (SLAVIC)

  • SLAVIC 6457 Film Theory, Gender and National Identity in Slavic Cinema

Sexuality Studies (SXLTYST)

  • SXLTYST 5620 Sexuality and Violence
  • SXLTYST 7100 Intro to Graduate Study in Sexuality Studies

Social Work (SOCWORK)

  • SOCWORK 5006 Sexualities, Diversity and Social Work
  • SOCWORK 5010 Women and Aging: International Perspective
  • SOCWORK 5016 Affirmative Social Work Practice With LGBTQ Individuals, Couples and Families

Sociology (SOCIOL)

  • SOCIOL 5194.14 Group Studies: Gender
  • SOCIOL 5605 Sociology of Sexuality
  • SOCIOL 7735 Sociology of Gender
  • SOCIOL 7884.14 Seminar: Gender