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What Can I Do With a WGSS Degree?

Below is a list of careers that OSU WGSS alumni have held after graduation: 

  • Network Administrator - United Healthcare
  • Analyst - United Healthcare, Novus Services
  • Administrative Associate - League of Women Voters
  • Job Developer - Goodwill Rehabilitation
  • Supervisor - Rocky Mountain HMO
  • Academic Advisor - University of Georgia
  • Grants Manager - The Women's Fund of Central Ohio
  • Research Advisor - Bank One
  • Patient Advocate - NW Women's Center
  • Marketing, Research & Promotion - Cox Newspapers
  • Attorney - Cook County Public Defender
  • Resident Assistant - Thurber Retirement Center
  • Real Estate Broker - SAGE Real Estate
  • Consultant - Sundance Resort
  • Bailiff - Franklin County Municipal Court
  • Development Editor - Simon & Schuster
  • Technical Writer - LANshark Systems
  • Tutor - Americorps, The Ohio State University
  • Case Manager - Children's Services
  • Instructor of English - Columbus State Community College
  • Law Student - CUNY, Capital University
  • Correction Officer - Ohio Dept. of Rehabilitation and Correction
  • Coordinator:
    • Amnesty International
    • Friends of the Homeless
    • Gaia Bookstore
    • Mount Carmel Health System
    • Northwest Women's Center
    • SARNCO (Sexual Assault Response Network of Central Ohio)
  • Director:
    • American Physical Therapy Association
    • League of Women Voters of Ohio
    • Maine Department of Mental Health
    • Women's Studies, DePauw University
    • Xavier University of Louisiana
  • Professor:
    • DePauw University, Indiana
    • Montana State University
    • University of Missouri
    • Wellesley College
  • Ph.D. Student:
    • The Ohio State University
    • University of Illinois at Chicago
    • University of Texas at Austin

What else?

Graduates of WGSS programs can use their insight and experience to provide qualified leadership in a number of positions. Authors Barbara F. Luebke and Mary Ellen Reilly chronicled some of the jobs that WGSS graduates have filled over the past decade:

Many companies, communities, and nonprofit organizations rely on archivists to accurately document the actions and the legacies of their institutions. WGSS majors can bring their perspective to archivist positions by assuring future generations that all roles and viewpoints are included. In addition, many WGSS graduates use their roles to reexamine the history of organizations, often uncovering new dimensions in the process.

Many creative professionals use their WGSS degrees to inspire powerful songs or works of art. The inspiring and sometimes tragic stories of women throughout the centuries can motivate artists to achieve more for themselves, while providing the starting points for retelling or depictions of important stories. 

Many WGSS majors channel their independent spirit into careers as entrepreneurs. By understanding the needs and wants of all, they can create companies that solve problems for customers in unique ways. 

Counselors and other clinical social workers benefit from integrating a WGSS major or minor into their professional development. Understanding the history and development of roles in society can help clinical social workers provide perspective for their clients. Graduates can use the knowledge from their degree programs to connect clients with the most effective and appropriate resources in their communities.

Some WGSS students use their degrees to launch a career in academia. As a burgeoning specialty, many colleges and universities are growing their WGSS departments to meet growing student demand. Likewise, many WGSS professors enjoy the opportunity to publish their work in the commercial press instead of solely in academic journals.

Working in health clinics allows WGSS majors to combine their understanding of the social and political aspects of women/gender and health with their innate organizational and leadership skills. Health clinic coordinators often handle everything from scheduling medical personnel to appealing for funding. At the same time, they must manage relations with neighborhoods that often face conflict with politicians and religious groups.

As hospitals strive to deal with rising insurance rates and cutbacks from government agencies, they rely on strong foundations to provide support for long term improvements and infrastructure. A foundation director with a background in WGSS can help position medical care centers to appeal to all people and to excel in under-served specialties that can rally public support.

Many WGSS majors campaign for equality and justice around the world. In some cases, students volunteer or even gain jobs with international rights organizations that monitor the treatment and the advancement of women.

A WGSS degree or concentration can provide a student with a valuable and unusual perspective regarding current events. WGSS majors can use their writing, interviewing, and research skills to report on issues and to articulate the ways people positively affect society. 

Attorneys who complement their law school studies with a concentration or a degree in WGSS can unlock the potential to work with a variety of specialized cases. As the general public becomes more aware of long-term challenges such as sexual harassment, discrimination, and domestic violence, attorneys who build a reputation for handling sensitive cases can build strong specialty practices.

As politicians work harder to court the votes of women, people of color, and LGBTQIQ folks, many elected officials have recruited WGSS majors to their research teams. By viewing current laws and proposed legislation through the filter of history, these specialists can help their representatives to really understand the impact of law on women in their districts.

The converging trends of high malpractice insurance and the desire for more traditional childbirth experiences have created job opportunities for midwives. Whether helping to deliver children at their patients’ homes or operating from comfortable maternity facilities, WGSS graduates use their strong communication skills to coach women through this joyous but challenging ritual.

Companies that want to maintain positive relationships with all customers have started to recruit public relations professionals with exposure to WGSS courses. In addition to the strong writing and communication skills that WGSS majors develop during their academic careers, employers rely on their perspective into the wants and needs of all people. This insight can affect the way that companies launch new products or repair mistakes.

Because they understand the challenges facing victims of sexual abuse, WGSS graduates make ideal leaders for rape crisis programs. Their knowledge of women/gender and health gives them the ability to help clients understand the psychological and physical trauma of rape. In addition, WGSS majors possess the organizational and communications skills to train teams of volunteers and staff members. Program directors must also communicate the importance of seeking treatment to victims who are too afraid to ask for help. To do so, they write articles and make media appearances that encourage victims or their family members to seek confidential assistance.

Though women and LGBTQIQ people have made tremendous strides in business over the last century, many still work in substandard conditions for unacceptable salaries. WGSS majors that work with labor organizations identify employers that exploit women or otherwise fail to provide mandatory health and welfare benefits for their female employees. These activists have successfully lobbied for day care facilities in factories, extended maternity leave, and other important benefits.

Some WGSS students pursue a career that puts them in direct contact with the victims of domestic abuse, hate crimes, or other acts of violence. Victims’ advocates bridge the gaps between law enforcement, the legal community, and medical professionals. Experienced victims’ advocates can help people receive critical medical and legal attention. Victims’ advocates also help their clients remain committed to pursuing criminal prosecution for their abusers, especially in situations where they feel intimidated or shamed for doing so.

This page was modified from information found on the WorldWideLearn.com Women's Studies Major page.

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