WGSST 3191: Internship in Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies


WGSST 3191: Internship in Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies will be offered every autumn, spring, and summer semester! It is a variable-credit-hour internship (1-3 credit hours per term) that can be used to fulfill certain course requirements in eligible programs.  

Students are responsible for seeking-out and securing all internships. However, the department has put together a directory of organizations and businesses with potential internship opportunities. We encourage students to look at the list and reach out to organizations and businesses directly to inquire about current openings. 

Click here to access the internship and volunteer directory.

Internship Applications

Students seeking to enroll in WGSST 3191 must submit an internship application to the WGSS Undergraduate Advisor by no later than the Friday BEFORE the first week of the semester in which their internship will take place (retroactive credit cannot be granted). Students are required to obtain input from their internship site for sections 3 and 6; therefore, they should allot sufficient time to complete the form. Students will be enrolled in WGSST 3191 as soon as their internship applications have been approved. Upon completion of the internship, students must submit an exit survey and supervisor assessment to receive their grades.

Forms and Surveys

"This internship provided a lot of insight into the reality of life for girls in the Columbus inner city. I learned that even in places like the non-profit sector, there can be a lack of understanding about intersectionality. That is where my classes in the WGSS department served me well." Allison Susor, 1girl, Spring 2016

"I really enjoyed working with Erin Davies. She was patient and caring and was willing to work with my school schedule to help me be the most successful within my internship. I would definitely recommend she and the Ohio Juvenile Justice Coalition to prosepective WGSS intern seeking students...Through this experience, I learned there are some major treatment discrepancies between races within the justice system. Children of color are more likely to get harsher sentences than their white counterparts. They are also more likely to receive less guidance for navigating the justice system than white children." - Kaylin Brewer, The Ohio Juvenile Justice System, Autumn 2015

"In the individual sessions that i was able to sit in on, I was able to learn about the therapy of victims of both sexual and physical abuse. With children, I was able to learn about Play Therapy... These things fit into my goals because often when working in social justice, you deal with people who have experienced abuse. I want to work with an organization that helps women who have been the victims."  - Chayli Buenger, The Center for Child and Family Services, Summer 2016

"SARNCO is a great internship site and I am definitely going to continue my work with them for the next couple of years!... I learned about rape culture and how it is shaped through our daily lives. However, through this knowledge, I am able to combat against this violence. I learned valuable skills about interacting with survivors and my listening skills which is helpful in my work as a Resident Advisor." - Katie Koch, SARNCO, Spring 2016

Contact Information

For more information, please contact the WGSS Undergraduate Advisor

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