Current Graduate Courses


Offerings | Autumn Semester 2020


WGSST 7700 - Feminist Inquiry I
Professor Mytheli Sreenivas
Tu 2:15pm - 5:00pm
Class number 20069

WGSST 7702 - Feminist Pedagogy
Professor Mary Thomas
Mo 11:15am - 2:00pm
Class number 20070

WGSST 8800.01 - Topics in Feminist Studies: Religion, Gender, and Feminism
Professor Jessica Delgado
Tu 11:15am - 2:00pm (ONLINE)
Class number 24965
Description: This course approaches “religion” as a crucial category of analysis for feminist inquiry. Following this approach, we will engage with a body of interdisciplinary scholarship that treats religion--along with gender, race, class, and sexuality--as an important sphere of human experience that is productive of social difference and power. The course will introduce students to key concepts in feminist religious studies taken from a variety of fields, including:the history of religion; intersectional studies of gender, sexuality, race, and religion; feminist ethics, and feminist theology. Students will be challenged to imagine  how approaching religion as a category of analysis rather than simply an object of study might complicate and enrich their research interests.

WGSST 8800.02 - Topics in Feminist Studies: Non/Personhood
Professor Shannon Winnubst
Th 11:15am - 2:00pm
Class number 35386
Description: This seminar will examine the legal, political, economic, and philosophical architecture of the twinned concepts of “personhood” and “nonpersonhood,” with emphases in the colonizing and enslaving traditions of European and North America.  The seminar will be grounded in queer, trans, black, and indigenous feminist scholarship.

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