Undergraduate Program


The Department of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGSST) offers an undergraduate major and an undergraduate minor.

The undergraduate major prepares students to use an intersectional lens to critique and analyze social, cultural, political, economic and scientific assumptions and practices that produce and maintain relations of inequality. WGSS students understand the ways in which people in all their diversity are affected by society, culture, and its institutions and can then affect social change. A WGSS education prepares students to make an impact both in their careers and communities. 

The undergraduate minor complements most, if not all, programs at Ohio State such as African American and African studies, art, music, biology, business, communication, education, English, engineering, history, international studies, nursing/allied med, political science, public affairs, psychology and social work.

New as of Autumn 2020

The WGSS Major and Minor have been redesigned! Starting Autumn 2020, the WGSS major and minor are even easier to complete. Highlights include:

  • Reimagined core courses
  • An open elective plan
  • New Women of Color and Global and Transnational Feminisms courses

Check out the changes here:




Questions? Want to Declare?

For questions, check our our FAQ page.

If you are interested in declaring a major in Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies, schedule an appointment with our advisor, Dr. Sarah Dunlap:

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