Current Approved-Related Courses for WGSST Major and Minor

The following courses are approved-related for the WGSS major and minor. This list may change periodically. Students may petition the WGSS advisor to add courses not on this list to our Approved-Related offerings.

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African American and African Studies

AFAMAST 2230 The Black Woman: Her Role In the Liberation Struggle

AFAMAST 2367.04 Black Women Writers (Cross-listed)

AFAMAST 3230 Black Women, Culture  & Politics

AFAMAST 4535 Topics in Black Masculinity
AFAMAST 4921 Intersections: Approaches to Race, Gender, Class & Sexuality (Cross-listed)


ANTHRO 3597.02 Women, Culture and Development (formerly ANTHRO 4597.02)

ANTHRO 5602 Medical Anthropology: Global Perspetives on Women's Health


ARABIC 2702H Modern Arabic Literature in Translation (Cross-listed)



CLAS 3215 Sexuality and Gender in the Ancient World



COMM 3662 Communication & Gender


Comparative Studies

COMPSTD 2343 Slavery, Gender and Race in the Atlantic World

COMPSTD 2322 Introduction to Latino/a Studies

COMPSTD 2367.02 U.S. Latino/a Identity

COMPSTD 3604/H Women in East Asian and Asian American Literature

COMPSTD 4845 Gender, Sexuality and Science (Cross-listed)

COMPSTD 4921 Intersections (Cross-listed)


East Asian Languages and Literatures

EALL 5475 Women Writers, Culture and Society in East Asia


Education Studies: Cultural Foundations

ESCFE 4215 Sexualities & Education



KNSISM 5610 (formerly EDPAES 5610) Women's Sport History



ENGLISH 2282 Introduction to Queer Studies (Cross-listed)

ENGLISH 3372 Special Topics in Science Fiction & Fntasy: Afrofuturism - Visions of Alternate Futures & Realities (SP16 only)

ENGLISH 4580 Special Topics in LGBTQ Literatures & Cultures

ENGLISH 4592 Women in Literature and Culture

ENGLISH 4576.02 History of Critical Theory: 1900 to Present (AU 2015 only)
ENGLISH 4597.01 Disability in the Contemporary World

Environment and Natural Resources

ENR 3530 Women, Environment and Development (Cross-listed)

Human Development and Family Science

HDFS 3440 Human Sexuality

HDFS 5440 Human Sexuality in Context


HEBREW 2704 Women in the Bible and Beyond

History of Art

HISTART 3010 Gender and Sexuality in Western Art


HISTORY 2115 Women and Gender in Latin America

HISTORY 2610 Introduction to Women and Gender in the U.S. 

HISTORY 2620 Women Changing the World: Histories of Activism & Struggle

HISTORY 2630 History of Modern Sexualities

HISTORY 2750/H Natives and Newcomers: U.S. Immigration and Migration (Cross-listed)

HISTORY 3086 Black Women in Slavery and Freedom

HISTORY 3215 Sex and Gender in the Ancient World

HISTORY 3411 Gender and Sexuality in China

HISTORY 3612 Asian American Women: Race, Sex and Representations (Cross-listed)

HISTORY 3620 LGBT History in the U.S. 1940-2003

HISTORY 3630 Same Sex Sexuality in a Global Context

HISTORY 3640 Medieval Women: Power, Piety and Production

HISTORY 3641 Women and Gender in Early Modern Europe 1450-1750

HISTORY 3642 Women and Gender in Modern Europe 18th Century-present

HISTORY 3650 Families in a Historical Perspective


LING 2367.01 Language, Sex and Gender in American Culture


Near Eastern Languages, Literatures and Cultures 

NELC 3205 Women in the Muslim Middle East



PHILOS 3420 Philosophical Perspectives on Issues of Gender

PHILOS 3430 The Philosphy of Sex & Love


Political Science 

POLISCI 4138 Women and the Law

POLISCI 4170 Gender and Politics

POLISCI 4175 Women, Government & Public Policy (Cross-listed)

POLISCI 4465 Feminist Political Theory (Cross-listed)

POLISCI 4597 Gender & Democracy (Cross-listed)



PSYCH 2333 Psychology of Human Sexuality

PSYCH 4543 Psychology of Gender

PSYCH 4555 Adolescent Sexuality


Religious Studies

RELSTDS 4875 Gender, Sexuality and Religion (COMPSTD 4875 Gender, Sexuality and Religion)


Rural Sociology

RURLSOC 5570 Women in Rural Society


Slavic and Eastern Eurpoean Languages and Literatures

SLAVIC 3310 Science Fiction: East v. West (Cross-listed)

SLAVIC 4560 H Cinderella's Fantasy: Gender and Women in Eastern and Western Europe

SLAVIC 5450: Global Human Trafficking (Cross-listed)


SOCIOL 3435 Sociology of Gender

SOCIOL 4510 Gender, Crime and the Criminal Justice System

SOCIOL 4608 Gender, Race and Class in Mass Communication

SOCIOL 4635 Men and Women in Society

SOCIOL 5605 Sociology of Sexuality


Social Work

SOCWRK 5006 Sexuality, Diversity and Social Work

SOCWRK 5010 Women and Aging: International Perspective

SOCWRK 5016 Affirmative Social Work Practice with LGBTQ Ind.