Lauren Rose Strand

Ph.D. Candidate
Graduate Student
My work is located at the intersections of feminist disability theory, STEM research, and student development and transition theories.
Currently, my research examines intersectional identities of students with disabilities in STEM fields, including the interplay between types of disability(ies), gender, socioeconomic background, race, and military/veteran status. Such research is needed in order to better understand the unique experiences and multifaceted identities of students with disabilities. The ultimate goal of this work is to communicate with educators, program developers, and administrators to ensure the full inclusion of students with disabilities in STEM fields.

To read my recent publication, “Charting Relations between Intersectionality Theory and the Neurodiversity Paradigm” please visit this link.


  • M.A., Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies (2012)
  • Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization, Disability Studies (2012)
  • B.A., Women's Studies and English (2010)
  • Minor, Communications (2010)

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(614) 688-4713
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