WGSS Sex Ed Presentations

We are now scheduling for the 2019-2020 academic year.

*Note: We are fully booked for Autumn 2019. Please get in touch with us about scheduling for the spring.

This sex-education event is all about pleasure and not about shame. We cover everything: how to get the most fun out of sex, how to easily use condoms and birth control, and how to talk with your partners about consent. We include all orientations and all genders. You (and your sexual partners) will be glad you came!

Sexual Pleasure, Health, & Safety

SPHS delivers an engaging, practical lesson on all aspects of sexual wellbeing for all genders and sexual orientations. Student feedback about SPHS consistently emphasizes that students strongly enjoy the lesson and find it very effective. 

Alongside contraception and STI prevention, SPHS explains sexual consent and assault, including skills for communicating with partners, recognizing when a partner has not given consent, distinguishing rape from consensual sex, and speaking with doctors or law enforcement after experiencing rape. SPHS also teaches students not only to understand options for preventing pregnancy and STIs, but also how to discuss these options with sexual partners and healthcare providers. SPHS is also uncommon in its focus on pleasure, emphasizing how students can ensure that they and their partners enjoy sex physically and emotionally. Students who can recognize pleasurable sex are better equipped to recognize rape and sexual coercion. 

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