Alison Norris

Alison Norris

Alison Norris

College of Public Health- Division of Epidemiology

326 Cunz Hall

Areas of Expertise

  • Sexual, reproductive, and maternal health
  • Effects of social factors/decision-making on sexual health


  • M.D., Yale University School of Medicine, 2008
  • Ph.D., Yale University School of Epidemiology and Public Health, 2006
  • B.A., Department of Biology, Yale University, 1994

Alison Norris is an epidemiologist at Ohio State University who employs multidisciplinary methods to conduct research in sexual and reproductive health, with a focus on sensitive or stigmatized subjects. Dr. Norris earned an MD and a PhD from the Yale Schools of Medicine and Public Health, and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. Her research investigates how social factors and decision making influence sexual, reproductive, and maternal health.

Selected Publications

  • Loewenberg Weisband Y, Gallo M, Klebanoff M, Shoben A, Norris A. Progression of care among women who use a midwife for prenatal care: who remains in midwife care? Birth. DOI: 10.1111/birt.12308
  • Alkhalaileh D, Hayford SR, Norris AH, Gallo MF. Prevalence and attitudes on female genital mutilation/cutting in Egypt since criminalisation 2008. Culture, Health & Sexuality. 2017; 1-10.
  • Huber S, Esber A, Garver S, Banda V, Norris A. The Relationship Between Ambivalent and Indifferent Pregnancy Desires and Contraceptive Use Among Malawian Women. International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health. 2017;43(1).
  • Wilmot E, Yotebieng M, Norris A, Ngabo F. Missed Opportunities in Neonatal Deaths in Rwanda: Applying the Three Delays Model in a Cross-Sectional Analysis of Neonatal Death. Maternal and Child Health Journal. 2017;21(5):1121-1129. 
  • Norris A, Harrington BJ, Grossman D, Hemed M, Hindin MJ.  Abortion experiences among Zanzibari women: a chain-referral sampling study. Reproductive Health. 2016;13:23.
  • Gipson JD, Becker D, Mishtal JZ, Norris AH. Conducting Collaborative Abortion Research in International Settings. Women’s Health Issues. 2011;21(3S):S58-62.
  • Norris A, Bessett D, Steinberg JR, Kavanaugh ML,  De Zordo S, Becker D. Abortion Stigma: A Reconceptualization of Constituents, Causes, and Consequences. Women’s Health Issues. 2011;21(3S):S49-54.
  • See Professor Norris' page on the OSU College of Public Health website for more publications.