Tatsiana Shchurko Receives 2020-2021 Presidential Fellowship

May 8, 2020

Tatsiana Shchurko Receives 2020-2021 Presidential Fellowship

Ph.D. Candidate Tatsiana Shchurko

WGSS Ph.D. Candidate Tatsiana Shchurko was recently awarded a 2020-2021 Presidential Fellowship!

The Presidential Fellowship is offered to graduates during the spring and fall of each year and is the most prestigious award given to students by the OSU Graduate School. The fellowship provides financial support for students in their research, and is awarded to up to 15 nominated doctoral candidates throughout all of the OSU colleges each semester who show outstanding scholarship.

Advised by Professor Jennifer Suchland, Tatsiana specializes in multiple topics such as critical race studies, postsocialist studies, and the politics of solidarity. Her research focuses on internationalist feminist solidarities, particularly how transnational solidarities may play a fundamental role in establishing cross-cultural connections and a sense of agency within conditions of restraint. During the academic year, Tatsiana teaches classes such as Health and Inequality (WGSST 2325) and Sexualities and Citizenship (WGSST 3370). She has also written a number of published articles, including “’Gender Education’ in the Post-Soviet Belarus: Between Authoritarian Power, Neoliberal Ideology, and Democratic Institutions” and “Women’s, Health – National Health: The Policies of Reproduction in Post-Soviet Belarus.”

Congratulations to Tatsiana on this amazing accomplishment and her hard work!

For more information about this and other graduate fellowships offered, please visit the Graduate School website.