In The News (June 2020)

June 18, 2020

In The News (June 2020)

Exterior view of University Hall
Black women and girls in front of protest art and march (image by Margaret Flatley at Getty)

Dr. Treva Lindsey discusses the erasure and lack of justice for Black women and girls in the movement against police brutality in her article, “The Lack of Mobilized Outrage for Police Killing Black Women is an Injurious Erasure.” [Bustle]




The Ohio State University Seal in The Oval (photo by The Lantern)

In a recent piece, Dr. Wendy Smooth discusses the university’s response, action-planning to address the ongoing protests, and the importance of acknowledging the university community's trauma and access to resources. [The Lantern]





Text: "NO to racist, anti-migrant policing and state violence"

Dr. Jennifer Suchland explains how many dominant anti-trafficking strategies are complicit with systems of injustice in her article, “Anti-Trafficking, Policing, and State Violence.” [Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women Blog]