Coca-Cola Critical Difference for Women Research Grants Winners

April 19, 2016

Coca-Cola Critical Difference for Women Research Grants Winners


The Coca-Cola Critical Difference for Women Research Grants is happy to announce the 2016-2017 winners!

Faculty Award Winners

Brehm, Hollie Nyseth, Sociology – Understanding Women Perpetrators of Genocide  

Camacho Platero, Luzmila, Spanish and Portuguese – Spanish Women Writers: From the Middle Ages to the 17th Century             
Cheavens, Jennifer, Psychology – Quality over Quantity: Validating a Measure of DBT Skill Quality for Women with Borderline Personality Disorder          
Dixon, Melanye White, Dance – Black Body Between the Lines: Mary Hinkson Dancing Graham and Transforming White Space                  
Gallo, Maria, Epidemiology – Qualitative Interviews of Women Turned Away from Accessing Abortion and Contraception Services      
Hebert, L. Camille, Mortiz College of Law – France’s “New” Sexual Harassment Law after Five Years        
Itagaki, Lynn, English/Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies – Dead Migrants and Immortal Nations: The Ends of the Human Rights Regime             
Jones, Kay Bea, Architecture – The Architecture of Child Care      
Karandikar, Sharvari, Social Work – No Wombs for Rent: Exploring Surrogate Mothers’ Perceptions Regarding India’s Ban on International Surrogacy          
Kunimoto, T. Namiko, History of Art – Anxious Bodies: Gender and Nation in Postwar Japanese Art     
Pyter, Leah, Psychiatry – Novel Mechanisms by Which to Improve Gynecological Patient Quality of Life          
Richardson, Elaine, Teaching & Learning – Struggle for Postsecondary Education among Working Poor Black Single Moms & Daughters      
Robinson, Amanda, Political Science – Effects of Matrilineality on Gender Gaps in Political and Civic Engagement in Africa     
Schoppe-Sullivan, Sarah, Human Sciences – Who Becomes Less Egalitarian after Parenthood? Predictors of Attitude Change among Dual-earner Mothers and Fathers    

Zuniga-Shaw, Norah, Dance/Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design – Dancing Life: A One-Woman Show                            

Graduate Student Award Winners

Atkinson, Kelly, Political Science – The Effect of Gender-Based Development Policies on Child Recruitment into Conflict                            

Bose, Debangana, Geography – Women’s Changing Household Status, Expression of Rights And the Gendered Nature of Displacement in Peri-urban Delhi                

Breau, Andrea, Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies – “Becoming Also American”: An Ethnographic Study of Youth Racial Identity in Maine                    

Cheverko, Colleen, Anthropology – The Biological Impact of Developmental Stress in EarlyModern Italy”                                        

Garver, Sarah, Sociology – Reproductive Decision-Making Amidst Uncertainty            

Koh, Minkyung, Geography – The Immigration of Foreign Brides & Multicultural Society in South Korea                                        

Kondratjeva, Olga, John Glenn College of Public Affairs – Exploring the Connection of Formal and Informal Borrowing to Household Well-being: The Case of Nepal            

Leonard, LaKeesha, Human Sciences – Project LIFE: A Culturally-tailored, Faith-based Physical Activity and Nutrition Intervention for African American Women            

Morrissey, Colleen, English – The Sorrows of Marie Corelli                    

Stewart, Marissa, Anthropology – Dietary and Biological Implications of Social Inequality in Medieval Tuscany                                    

Strand, Lauren, Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies – Toward the Transformative Inclusion of Students with Hidden Disabilities in STEM: Intersectional Exploration of Gender and Disability Status Influence                                  

Zhang, Zhe, Sociology – Intensive Mothering and Mother’s Wellbeing over the Life Course    

Zotova, Natalia, Anthropology – Women’s Insecurities in the Context of Male Migration: Mental Health Outcomes and Risks