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Offerings | Autumn Semester 2021

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*WGSST 1110 - Gender, Sex and Power

 WGSST 2230 - Gender, Sexuality and Race in Popular Culture

 WGSST 2260 - Queer Ecologies: Gender, Sexuality, and the Environment

 WGSST 2282 - Introduction to Queer Studies

*WGSST 2317 - Gender at the Movies: Hollywood and Beyond

*WGSST 2325 - Health and Inequality

 WGSST 2326S - Feminist Perspectives on Addiction (service-learning)

 WGSST 2327 - Embodying Gender, Race and Ethnicity

 WGSST 2367.03 - U.S. Lesbian Writers: Text and Context

 WGSST 2367.04 - Black Women Writers: Text and Context

 WGSST 2702 - Modern Arabic Literature in Translation

 WGSST 3101 - Food and Gender

 WGSST 3191 - Internship in Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

*WGSST 3200 - Breaking the Law: An Introduction to Gender Justice

 WGSST 3310 - Science Fiction: East vs. West

 WGSST 3385 - Women in Political Leadership Internship

 WGSST 3505 - Transnational Feminisms

 WGSST 3575 - Feminist Methodology

 WGSST 4402 - Black Women: Representations, Politics, and Power

 WGSST 4403 - Gender and Leadership

*WGSST 4525 - Feminist Critiques of Markets: Profiting from Inequality

 WGSST 4527.01 - Studies in Gender and Cinema

 WGSST 4921 - Intersections: Approaches to Race, Gender, Class, and Sexuality

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