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Kayley DeLong

Ph.D. Student


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  • B.A., Comparative Ethnic Studies, Washington State University, 2018
  • B.A. minor, Queer Studies, Washington State University, 2018

Kayley DeLong (they/them and she/her) is a current PhD Student in Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies. Their broad research interests are feminist disability history and historiography. Their work focuses on how public health and medicinal history engages disabled and mad people across time, space, and cultural context(s); the vital existence of disabled people as far back as antiquity is often erased by Renaissance and post-Enlightenment projections of ideal bodies, races, and genders.

Additionally, their Doctoral research project applies critical feminist studies to the construction and commodification of ghosts and haunted tourist/heritage sites in the United States. DeLong brings together hauntology, trauma and disability studies, and feminist theory to critique how iconic staples of "dark tourism" such as "Indian burial grounds" and "plantation tours" are vectors of colonial violence which attempts to continually reach and revise the existence of colonized (non)human beings.