WGSS Program Support


This departmental fund is used to support a variety of departmental initiatives such as outreach, bringing in a variety of scholars and local activists,service learning development, study abroad and other programming!


Outreach and Engagement Initiatives

The social justice element of our discipline requires that we make strong connections with our communities through service learning initiatives and outreach. We have a rich history of activism throughout our department including change brought forth by faculty, graduate students and undergraduates both on and off campus. Our goal is to enrich these efforts by encouraging our undergraduate students to apply their feminist scholarship through engaging experience with their community. This provides hands-on experience that will strengthen their skills, develop leaders, and enhance long-term career opportunities. We have asked local organizations to partner with us on ways we can support their current programs and initiatives.

LGBTQ+ Studies Minor

This new minor launches in Autumn 2020! The exciting new minor draws on courses across the entire campus, including the Wexner Medical Center, to educate students on the complex histories, politics, and cultures related to LGBTQ+ communities.

Inside/Out Courses

These courses bring OSU students directly into prisons to learn alongside incarcerated students, who also earn OSU credits. WGSS continues to grow this program through course offerings and administrative oversight.

Feminist Field School

In May 2020, WGSS Professors Suchland and Thomas will be hosting, "'This Land': A Feminist Ohio Field School"! Students taking the week-long course will travel to several museums and memorials in Ohio to learn about settler colonialism in the state, indigenous tribes who were pushed out of their lands, and how it continues today through the extraction of resources and land use.

Goal $3,000