WGSS Program Support


This departmental fund is used to support a variety of departmental initiatives such as speakers, technical support, service learning and outreach, study abroad and other programming!


Outreach and Engagement Initiatives

The social justice element of our discipline requires that we make strong connections with our communities through service learning initiatives and outreach. We have a rich history of activism throughout our department including change brought forth by faculty, graduate students and undergraduates both on and off campus. Our goal is to enrich these efforts by encouraging our undergraduate students to apply their feminist scholarship through engaging experience with their community. This provides hands-on experience that will strengthen their skills, develop leaders, and enhance long-term career opportunities. We have asked local organizations to partner with us on ways we can support their current programs and initiatives.

Goal $2,500

Engaging Scholars and Enhancing Our Pedagogy

We strive to keep our current graduate students, faculty and university communication engaged in emerging topics of feminist inquiry by selecting a series of renowned scholars to visit our campus each year. We furthered this effort through engaging, pedagogical workshops to critically examine our existing curriculum and strengthen our learning environments.

Most recently we brought Professor Alison Kafer to discuss how to integrate disability theory and epistemology in the classroom. We also hosted Cherno Biko and Professor Jian Chen to lead an invigorating conversation about key legal issues for trans* Ohians and adapting the classroom for more diverse gender expression and identity through language. You can read more about these events in our latest enewsletter, The Loop.

Our exciting speakers this year include Professor Anita Hill and filmmaker Freida Mock to discuss the film, ANITA: Speaking Truth to Power which sheds light on the important legacy of the Hill/Thomas hearings. We’re also thrilled to host Professor Jennifer Nash to present on her latest publication The Black Bloody in Ecstasy through innovative readings of hardcore pornographic films from the 70s and 80s.  

Goal $1,500