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For activities that contribute to the professional development of graduate students in the Department of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies.


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To strengthen our commitment to have a more diverse and inclusive graduate student population and further the scholarship of underrepresented scholars in the field, we will offer additional research and dissertation support for WGSS graduate students to support their professional goals and leadership in academia.

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Tay Glover

In 2014, WGSS master's student, Tay Glover, attended the first Critical Ethnic Studies Summer Institute hosted by the University of Maryland's American Studies Department. Critical ethnic studies is an approach to scholarship, institution-building, and activism animated by the spirit of the decolonial, antiracist, and other global liberationist movements that enabled the creation of ethnic studies and continues to inform its political and intellectual projects. It seeks to move away from current critical deadlocks, to counteract institutional marginalization, to revisit the political ideas that precipitated ethnic studies' founding within the US academy, and to create new conversations in multiple locations.


Amanda Rossie

In 2013, Amanda Rossie, WGSS PhD candidate, attended the Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference in Seattle to present a paper related to her dissertation work titled, "Maternal Technologies: Mommy blogs, subject-formation, and the 'New Domesticity'" to a captive audience. Her paper examined the role of affect in the creation of “mommy blogs,” a popular and profitable sector of the blogosphere that includes narratives from a diverse group of women. She made invaluable connections with many scholars in the fields of postfeminism and media studies. Amanda completed her PhD Spring 2014 and is currently a visiting faculty member at The College of New Jersey. Congratulations, Dr. Rossie!